Prevention & support for sexual health

Prevention Programme


Prevention Programme


One of the two basic goals of the Coalition Sida des Sourds du Québec is to run prevention programs targeting Deaf and Hard of hearing people. This program is designed to inform and educate the Deaf and Hard of hearing community in Quebec about the risks of contracting HIV/AIDS and STBBI.

This program offers the following services:

  • Information on HIV/AIDS and STBBI, adapted into ASL and LSQ
  • Workshops aimed at increasing awareness and education in schools, organizations and associations
  • Referrals to clinics offering screening tests for HIV/AIDS and STBBI
  • Information on sexual health and prevention for Deaf men who have sex with men (DMSM)
  • Discussion groups
  • Information kiosks on HIV/AIDS and STBBI
  • Production and distribution of educational documents (manuals, flyers, posters, videos, etc.) adapted into ASL and LSQ
  • Resource centre offering information on HIV/AIDS and STBBI
  • Training of multiplying agents in outlying regions
  • Training of sign language interpreters
  • Distribution of free condoms

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