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Rapid HIV Testing and Self-test


HIV Testing Program and Self-Test

There are tests to detect the presence of anti-HIV antibodies in your body to determine if you are HIV positive. Either by blood screening (blood tests) with a health professional (anonymous or not) in CLSCs, medical clinics, by the family doctor or other health facilities. Recently, we can do it via a test that we can do ourselves: the self-test.

The HIV self-test is an analysis of a drop of blood that is taken from the fingertip and deposited in a reactive solution to the presence of HIV antibodies. The result of the test can be seen in less than a minute is easy to understand. It is only available online for now.

It is strongly recommended that you get tested by your doctor three months after your last unprotected (at-risk) sexual encounter or have used contaminated needles and syringes.
HIV testing or self-testing are essential follow-ups for good sexual health.
You have to go and do a test every 6 months or once a year, depending on the number of partners you had during that period.

How to use a self-test ? There is a complete video who is explain it very well !

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