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What are STBBI ?


STDs, sexually transmitted diseases, have been renamed, and are now called sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The word “infection” is more accurate, since symptoms may or may not be present. The word “disease” is associated with symptoms being present. Therefore, someone with an STI may not necessarily feel sick, yet could transmit the infection.

The term “sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections” (STBBI) is used to designate infections that are sexually transmitted or transmitted through the blood.


Bacterial infections are transmitted in several ways, including through sexual activity. These infections occur when bacteria attack one part of the body.


Parasitic infections are caused by parasites transmitted from one person to another through sexual activity or skin-to-skin contact.


Viral infections are caused by viruses transmitted from one person to another through sexual activity. In general, viral infections attack more than one part of the body at the same time.

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