To Buy a dictionnary

By buying a dictionnary, you are helping the Réseau de la Santé Sexuelle des Sourds du Québec (RSSSQ) to fulfill its mission and continue to offer free services to the entire deaf population of Quebec. Your membership encourages the fight against the dangers of transmission of sexual diseases such as HIV / AIDS and STBBI. Your contribution also helps a deaf or hard of hearing person who is HIV-positive to benefit from RSSSQ services.

In addition, you help provide services and activities to deaf and hard of hearing people living with HIV / AIDS and STBBI, LGBTQ +, who are addicted and homeless.

  • Special launch price (limited time): $10
  • Regular price : $15

Payment choice

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Wire Transfer :
Send an email to and the password is: membre (all lowercase)

By cheque :
Pay to the order of * RSSSQ * and mail to: RSSSQ, 2075, rue Plessis, bureau 320, Montréal (Québec) H2L 2Y4

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